The Big Games Career workshop - Nov 30th

Happy to report that our first cross-sector workshop at Wired Sussex in Brighton was a massive success.

We brought together games studio staff, local educators at University and college level as well as young people themselves at different levels of study.

By the end of the session, we’d brokered three work experience placements, created a publishing partnership between two studios and helped linked 3 local colleges with games studios.

Each table discussed five questions;

  • How can we create better opportunities for children from low income families to enter the industry?

  • What do careers look like in the industry in 2030?

  • What does practical youth mentorship in the games industry look like?

  • Is University the only tangible way to break into the game industry?

  • Who care if we have a diverse industry or not?

Here’s a collection of our notes from the event for download.

Declan Cassidy