What 100 experts all agree about careers in the industry...

As part of our ongoing research, we spent 2 months interviewing a broad range of key stakeholders involved in the whole career pipeline from school into industry. This included, studio leads, programme directors, parents, young people studying games design and teachers.  

We did this to help us better understand the current landscape and see where we can be most useful as a careers charity. This has made us totally rethink our programme ideas for 2019 and has given us a fantastic snapshot of the wider sector.  

  1. Young people should be making (and finishing) more games on their own time  

  2. Young people need to specialise as early as possible to build a good portfolio

  3. We need to support young people from low income families

  4. You certainly don’t have to be a ‘gamer’ to get into the industry

  5. The advice on career pathways is confusing and rarely concise

  6. There is a real appetite in for staff to give back

  7. It’s very hard to get a job without a degree (although not impossible)

  8. Colleges desperately need to develop solid industry links

Declan Cassidy