Work Experience is awful, lets fix it.

How do we make work experience something that’s great for young people, but less of a time sink for business?

Work Experience also changes for different age groups-  you may have a 16 year old, who just needs a taster of what work looks like, while a post grad intern, who you may employ in the near future will need a much more in depth programme of work. For learners, these can be transformative moments that can change their whole life, but for small studios, they can be seen as a dangerous time sink.   

We’re working with games studios, Mediatonic and Make Real to pilot a small project that will give, Into Games complete control over their work experience intake for 6 months. We’re working with their teams to develop internal policies, while connecting with local schools and colleges to make sure that the young people coming into the office have the right attitude and are ready for the workplace.

Once complete, we’ll be attempting to expand this programme across the UK.

Declan CassidyComment