Into Games joins the Creative Cafe Movement


Into Games, really enjoyed being part of our first, ‘Creative Cafe’ session that took place at Hastings Academy this month - the event runs throughout the South East and showcases potential career opportunities to year 7 and 8’s in a really engaging format. It was conceived and run by the arts organisation, Culture Shift.    

Students get to ask probing questions to people working in all kinds of sectors from doctors and engineers, to artists and game developers in a career ‘speed dating’ round. They use Holland codes to explore what kind of job might suit their interests and personality, finally picking one the industries and taking part in a small 30 minute taster activity.

Into Games were there using the fantastic BAFTA Young Game Designer cards to get young people thinking about creative ideas for new titles. We met over 30 children and have followed up with two young people in particular that we thought had all the makings of great future game devs.

One of primary aims at Into Games is to find talent at an earlier stage and by partnering with organisations like Culture Shift, we can work more closely with schools, colleges and 3rd parties to help give target support and mentorship directly to the young people that need it.  

If you’re an organisation that would like to access speakers, volunteers or just more information in general about the video game industry, please get in touch and we’ll always be happy to help.

Declan Cassidy