About us

Into Games was launched in January 2019 to make the a career in the video games sector more accessible to a wider range of young people by connecting the dots between education and industry.

It was born from a pilot programme that ran in the Summer of 2018 called, ‘Playingfield’ which brought together young people on free school meals with local studio staff through the medium of a games jam.  

After a UK wide consultation and cross-sector research period, Into Games was was formed, with a focus on collaboration and building partnerships. Our board is made up from leading industry experts and educators.

Our work includes;

  • Building long-lasting links between education and industry

  • Supporting people from childhood all the way through to their career

  • Providing clear, concise and easily accessible careers information

  • Creating world class mentorship and work experience opportunities

Our approach is;

  • Inclusive and rooted in making the industry more diverse

  • Led by collaborative partnerships and industry expertise

  • Focussed on long term, sustainable and scalable impact

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“We loved it”

"They had such a good time at, Playingfield - they learnt so much in such a short space of time. It’s definitely had a huge impact on the children "

— Sarah, Mum of Playingfield attendee