We’re thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Avalanche Studios! For the next twelve months, we’ll be working with the lovely folks at Avalanche Studios to not only develop the training of their employees but also improve the pathways into the games industry for budding game developers.

The studio has over 15 years of experience creating immersive and breathtaking open worlds using their own bespoke engine Apex, which was developed over the course of a staggering 17 years! 

Avalanche Studios is responsible for huge titles such as Mad Max, and the Just Cause franchise. We’re delighted that a studio with so much experience is joining our family of partners in paving the way for a better industry. 

Head of Partnerships & Development here at Into Games, Brandon Cole enthusiastically added this about the new partnership: 

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What we'll achieve...

During our partnership with Avalanche Studios, we’ll be working together to deliver a year-long training programme to their employees to help them become better public speakers, educators, and empathetic mentors and leaders.

This training will help us deliver support to their local area of Liverpool through the development of a games career-focused after-school club that will directly support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to learn about jobs in games and how to create games. We’ll work with Avalanche Studios to equip every computer in these schools with lifetime licences and resources for GameMaker Studio 2 so that the students can continue to develop the skills they’ve learned. 

For the career seekers who are further into their journey, we’ll also be co-developing internship and apprenticeship programs which will benefit them, as well as hosting live-streamed hiring events where Avalanche Studios will be able to showcase their exciting new open roles!

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We’ll be working towards hosting some exciting events, programs and initiatives with Avalanche Studios in future, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements about our partnership journey together as we strive to make the games industry more inclusive, accessible, and fun!


If your organisation and its staff are passionate about inspiring - and hiring - the next generation of diverse industry talent, and are looking for fun, interactive, and meaningful ways to do that -  reach out to Brandon our Head of Partnerships & Development to find out more.