We have yet another studio that is looking to hire through the Kickstart Scheme! Wired Productions are looking to fill a number of roles within their studio so if you fit the criteria, they would love to meet with you!

To give you a bit of insight into Wired Productions, they are an indie publisher having released some fabulous titles including Victor Vran, The Falconeer, Deliver Us The Moon and GRIP: Combat Racing. They publish games they like from developers they love and they would love for some more Kickstarts to join their growing team.

Just as a reminder, to qualify for the Kickstart Scheme you need to be:

- 16 to 24 years old

- On Universal Credit

- Out of School

If that's all good for you, here are some of the roles live from Fundamentally Games:

Console Games QA Tester

As a Console Games QA Tester, you'll be working with the in-house team to test games ensuring a high quality final product. You must have a strong attention to detail and strong technical knowledge of the leading consoles and PC. Some qualities that will set you a part are previous experience testing, knowledge of bug reporting workflow and bug databases and the ability to quickly familiarise yourself with gameplay elements.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

Social Media Intern

For this role, Wired is looking for someone with excellent knowledge of social media and gaming platforms from Twitter to Discord. Having a proficiency in writing and grammar is also expected and bonus points if you already manage your own YouTube or Twitch channels with experience recording and editing videos.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

Data Analyst

A data analyst will need to create data dashboards, graphs, and visualisations with data validation, cleansing, producing and tracking key performance indicators as your responsibilities. Familiarity with these responsibilities as well as being proficient in MS Access are also huge bonuses!

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

If you'd like to find more roles in the Kickstart Scheme check out the Work with Indies website.

For more information on the Kickstart Scheme you can check out this guide and email our Careers Lead Sara Machado at sara@intogames.org.