Network Programmer

Multiplayer games make up an enormous part of the video game industry. To allow seamless play, these games rely on a secure connection between computers to transport data back and forth in quick time.

These connections can be direct or can be via a main system. A Network Programmer’s job is to build and improve complex systems, establishing important rules determining how data is formatted and transported between players.

A deep understanding for programming is needed for this skilled role, plus a working knowledge of: game engines, gameplay, servers, routing and network protocols. A keen mind for problem-solving and a passion for games will be at the core of your job.

Also referred to as:

Multiplayer Programmer

You’ll love this role if you’re into:
  • Coding
  • Being Organised
  • Maths
  • Designing things

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Most people working as a Network Programmer have a degree in engineering, games or computer science. Above all, you should be someone who loves technology, coding and problem-solving. 

As a professional, you will be responsible for building and maintaining the systems that connect players to each other. The most popular game creation engines use the coding languages, C++ (Unreal) or C# (Unity), but languages like Java and HTML5, are also used depending on the game type. Check out our guide to programming languages for more information.

Working in the games industry is highly competitive and you’ll need to make sure your CV stands out to employers and course leaders. 

Network Programming is a specialist role and many begin their career in junior programmer positions to work their way into this profession. Your CV should show a passion for games and outline a range of coding skills and achievements. For more general ideas on developing your CV, see our top tips page.

Whatever role you are working in, it is essential that you understand the game making process. You can head to our build a game section for first steps; join a regular game jam to build up your skills & network; or start modding others games to gain experience. 

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