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This is a regularly updated list of game design tools, sounds and graphics. Everything on this list is primarily free, or has a free trial period. If you need some inspiration for ideas try here, or if you've never made a game before and want some help, look here.

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One of the most popular tools used by game developers, Asana has a number of features that make it lightweight and great for game development planning and production.

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Online or downloadable tool which allows you to easily (with one button press!) create and edit sound effects for your game.

More information about BFXR

Google Docs

A free selection of online tools that allow you to collaborate with other team members through word documents and spreadsheets. It's the simplest digital tool you can use to organise yourself.

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A free to use online tool that allows the organisation of individual or team task lists. It is easy to get started and seen as a benchmark organisational tool. Good for first-time developers and indie studios looking to get more organised.

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