Into Games Talent Network

Inspire and hire the next generation of diverse industry stars by getting access to a pool full of proven talent from across our programme work 

We believe that diverse, exciting talent from all backgrounds is what drives growth and innovation in game studios, and - unsurprisingly - we believe that Into Games is the best place to find and support that talent :)  

Our talent network is made up of the top graduates and alumni from all of our programmes and wider work. These are people that have proven their skills and been assessed by other industry pros as not just ready for work but absolutely brilliant at what they do. 

Due to the range of programmes we run, our talent network is extremely diverse, featuring a wide variety of people from groups currently underrepresented in the sector. We add to our network constantly, scouring the UK and utilising our network of grassroots career organisations and training programmes.  

Those in our network get access to free training, career support and regular check-ins from our team, providing them with the pastoral care they need to thrive and gain the resilience they need to enter such a competitive sector. 

If you are interested in accessing or joining the network, please get in touch.