Videogames Ambassadors (VGA)

A free-to-use UK-wide network of games industry staff willing to visit schools, youth groups and educational institutions to inspire the next generation into games. Run in partnership with UKIE.

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Launched in 2017, the Videogames Ambassadors (VGA’s) is a free-to-use online platform that connects education directly to industry. With over a thousand industry staff based all over the UK, it's one of the largest networks of its kind globally. The VGA’s are a vibrant community of passionate people that want to give their time to help the next generation. 

The online platform makes it equally easy to sign up as a VGA or an educational provider, where you can create opportunities for your school and publish them instantly. The network has a high success rate with options for in-person sessions or online. 

The VGA’s are perfect for career talks, support with gamejams or employability days, and anything that will inspire students to have a look at careers in the games sector. 

“For me though, the biggest draw in being a VGA is putting a diverse face on the industry to hopefully inspire more people from different backgrounds to join us – the games industry can only get stronger from having a huge range of voices joined to it, giving more interesting opinions and stories that will keep video games relevant and thriving for many, many years to come.”

Reese, Senior Producer, Robot Teddy

“Being an ambassador is so rewarding. It's a great feeling to help younger people find their passion in the industry.”

Kirsty Rigden, Director, Futurlab 

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