The Video Games Ambassadors network is the UK’s largest in the games industry, supporting educational initiatives and young people across the country with game jams, feedback, workshops, masterclasses, and more. Every month, we celebrate the work of our amazing ambassadors as part of our VGA Spotlight. The VGA is run by Ukie, the trading body for the games industry, and powered by Into Games.


In the 15 years they’ve worked in games, Reese has run the gamut of QA and Production in Publishing, Development, AAA and Indie, with a focus on console, PC and mobile games. Reese most recently joined Robot Teddy, a consultancy team working with studios, publishers, and partners large and small, covering a wide range of services and needs. Reese is also the founder of Save Point, a UK-based initiative to help people of under-represented genders in the games industry build support networks.

What has been your most valuable experience as part of the Video Games Ambassadors and why?

Every experience is completely unique, but always, always incredibly fulfilling and awesome! Most recently, I was given the opportunity to talk to students via Argyll College, a school that specialises in digital learning for folks based in remote and rural communities around Argyll, Scotland. The talk was shared across several secondary schools across the country. I grew up in a small village in Scotland, so it meant the world to me to speak to folks there and show them that they absolutely can gain a career in video games.
The students had some really great questions and comments afterwards, and it definitely showed that many are keen to try for a games career in the future. The best part is that Argyll College has invited me back at the end of the school year to review some of the student’s game projects – I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with and spend more time helping them on their journeys!

Why would you recommend the Video Games Ambassadors to other industry professionals?

There are so many brilliant reasons for becoming a VGA, from inspiring the bright and creative superstars of tomorrow, to learning the technique of talking about your own experiences and skills (there’s nothing like publically describing your expertise to really solidify in your own mind the fact you really are an 'expert' in something!).
For me though, the biggest draw in being a VGA is putting a diverse face on the industry to hopefully inspire more people from different backgrounds to join us – the games industry can only get stronger from having a huge range of voices joined to it, giving more interesting opinions and stories that will keep video games relevant and thriving for many, many years to come.


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