If you’re a UK-based games industry professional who is passionate about sharing your knowledge with others, building a safe and inclusive industry, and empowering new talent - Into Games Champions Training equips you with the tools necessary to become a powerful voice for change in the industry.

Although Champions Training is for anyone who works in the UK games industry, it has been designed to support those working in games who are from marginalised communities - to help instil them with the confidence to share their expertise and passions. 

What’s in the training?

Champions Training has been co-designed by Into Games and three expert delivery partners to build a program of sessions specifically for games industry professionals. It consists of three fun, interactive sessions -

Session #1 - Public Speaking with Routes

In this workshop with Routes - a non-profit supporting refugee and asylum-seeking women - you’ll learn how to confidently speak at live games events, panels, and workshops, and take your passion for creating an inclusive and welcoming games industry onto the stage.

Session #2 - Workshopping with Matteo

Ever wanted to know how to create fun and engaging workshops for young people that illustrate your discipline in an interactive way? This workshop with the V&A Museum's Resident Game Designer will help you develop your own workshop that you can deliver to young people.

Session #3 - Mentorship with Limit Break

A fun and interactive training session, delivered by the talented folks at Limit Break Mentorship, that will help you better understand how to be a great mentor - both externally to burgeoning talent, and to those in your own team.

How do I access Champions Training?

For the time being, Into Games Champions Training is exclusive to our Industry Partners. We work closely with our partners to upskill their staff, forge new radical pathways into the games industry, and invest in education and learning both regionally and nationally.

If you’re interested in taking part in Champions Training and growing your skillset as a mentor, educator, and public speaker, we recommend you let your studio know about becoming an Industry Partner, so they can empower you to make positive change in the games industry.

You can find out more in our Industry Partners Pack here!