Join us for a totally FREE online four-day event jam-packed full of support and content to help you get hired in the Games Industry!

The event will take place from Wednesday 22nd June until Saturday 25th June on Twitch, Discord and Twitter!

Last year, we hosted our one-day Careers Fair event for over 80,000 job seekers, and this year we’re making it bigger and better!

Check out last year's panels here!

Participating Studios Include…

Plus more to be announced!

Event Schedule 

Wednesday 22nd June - Futures Day!

Our opening day of Careers Festival, on Wednesday 22nd June, is being dubbed ‘futures day’ where we’re looking at things like VR, the metaverse, and having honest conversations around blockchain gaming. 

Throughout these we’ll be looking to involve and talk to our chat and discord as much as possible. There will be loads of opportunities to ask the question ‘what do we think gaming is going to look like in a few years?’.

All attendees have the opportunity to engage directly with hiring game studios in our Discord channels!

Thursday 23rd June - Careers and Industry day! 

The bread and butter of the Careers Festival is always going to be our Careers and Industry day, this year on Thursday 23rd June. Between workshops, panels, and Studio Presentations (15 minute slots for studios to wax lyrical about all the cool stuff they’re doing), we’ll be providing the best information and advice about how to get into the games industry. 

We have a panel on apprenticeships, QA, UX/UI, applying for jobs in games, and career changers. If you’re interested in the Studio Panels, we pair these talks up with a unique discord channel to connect and answer questions for our over 6000 strong discord community.

Friday 24th June - Your First Steps! 

Our third day is about doing deeper dives into what those first steps getting into the industry might look like. There will be panels around more details on apprenticeships, what skills are useful for things like game jams (through a ‘make a game in 5 minutes’), what idea generation looks like as a process, and much more. 

This day is all about practical skills and actionable information. If you’re an individual or a group who can offer that killer bit of advice for starting out, then we’d love to have you on board on Friday 24th June.

Saturday 25th June - Portfolio Pitstop

Get live high-level feedback on your portfolio from top Games Sector professionals all day on Twitter using the hashtag #PortfolioPitstop!

Make sure you sign up now to take part!