Devolver Digital has sponsored an incredible two hundred free tickets to support young people, students and game devs from low socioeconomic backgrounds to attend London games event, WASD 2024 from April 25-27. 

The tickets will be distributed directly to individuals from low-income backgrounds via non-regional, non-profit career organisations and through direct application via the form below. Tickets will be prioritised for those seeking to develop a future career in the game sector, giving them access to talks, networking and career opportunities during the event, many for the first time. 

You may be eligible if you are;

- someone who recieved free school meals at any point in your schooling 

- a care leaver 

- currently receive Universal Credit 

If you would like to apply for free tickets, click here.

Social mobility has been at its worst for fifty years in the UK, and it has never been more difficult for a young person to work towards a career in games and the wider creative industries. Just 9% of the UK Tech workforce comprises those from low socioeconomic backgrounds despite making up 39% of the UK working population. 

Head of Partnerships and Development at Into Games, Brandon Cole, said this; 

“Devolver Digital have long been a secret supporter of our work at Into Games, and it is clear they believe wholeheartedly in taking real action in tackling social mobility and access to careers in games. The sponsoring of a whopping 200 tickets, as well as their support of the Career Stage at WASD and many of our other programs at Into Games, is evidence of this! Thanks to the fantastic folks at Roucan for coordinating this awesome effort.”

We believe in a fair and equal pathway to skills progression in the games industry, and acts of generosity and support like Devolver Digital are a huge step forward in eliminating barriers for some of the UK’s most let-down, talented future devs.

Join us and Devolver Digital at the Career Stage at WASD 2024, from April 25-April 27th