Adventure Creator is a paid plugin for the Unity game engine and is available through the Unity Asset Store. It’s mainly designed for making point-and-click ‘LucasArts / Monkey Island’ style adventure games but can be used to make 3D games too. Its main purpose is that it lets you make a complete game with drag-and-drop visual scripting so you don’t need to be able to code, including features like inventory, crafting, dialogue, interactions, and game-saving. It also has good documentation to help you learn how to use it, and exports games to PC, Mac, Web, and mobile devices.

Adventure Creator is a bit of an investment but is easy to use once you get the hang of it. The Procession to Calvary is an example of a game made with this tool.

  • Watch a tutorial video for creating a 2D game here.
  • Get the tool here.