Victoria Tran is a passionate Community and Communications speaker and writer and is currently the Communications Director at Kitfox Games. She also helps support and amplify game devs of colour for Game & Colour in Montréal. During her career, Victoria has worked on a wide range of game titles including Boyfriend Dungeon, Lucifer Within Us, Mondo Museum, Dwarf Fortress, The Shrouded Isle, Moon Hunters, Omensight, Leap of Fate and Episode: Choose Your Story. We asked Victoria, some key questions about getting into the games sector.

Explain your role like I'm 5 years old

It's my job to make sure you hear about all the games and shenanigans we're up to, but also if you ever try to talk to "Kitfox" in general, you're probably hearing from me!

Take us through your average day at work

Tough one! It changes all the time depending on what needs to get done. For example, an upcoming announcement means I'll be busy research and pitching to press, figuring out marketing strategies, sending out newsletters, etc. But on the regular, I'm usually creating content for social media, answering emails, and coordinating marketing efforts.

What was your educational and career journey into your current role?

I didn't go to school thinking I'd get into marketing! I originally got my degree in Sociology and the Social Studies of Medicine/Communications, and ended up working random marketing jobs to pay those student bills. After graduation, I realized I didn't want to get into the original industry I was aiming for and ended up just mass applying to various game studios. I got into a games service outsourcing company, worked there for a bit, then saw Kitfox was hiring a community manager on Twitter. And now I'm here!

What is the most rewarding thing about your role?

Everything! I love the challenge every game brings in terms of marketing and the absolute joy players have when they discover it or can finally play the game. My job also allows me to talk and collaborate with a variety of other game developers that I am now lucky to consider friends. Not only that, but we're also very blessed to have a warm, kind, and clever community that make me laugh every day. What's not to love?

What's the hardest thing about your role?

Also everything, hehehe! Discoverability for games is always a challenge, there are always several due dates I need to keep track of, and of course, I'm sure many people know that dealing with angry strangers on the internet can sometimes be... tiring. A lot of people underestimate the mental energy that is required for community management.

What key skills should people work on to do your role one day?

Gain tangible marketing skills - anyone can say they love games, but you need to prove you're willing to be proactive when it comes to marketing. Photoshop? Video editing? Analysis? Anything that makes you stand out and can be your "thing". Because after all, so much of it is based on being on top of the latest trends but also creating ones of your own! And an ABSOLUTELY necessary requirement: soft skills. Empathy, charisma, and communication skills are overlooked but are the number one thing I'd recommend you have. They can be learned, but they're much harder to pick up compared to technical skills.

What advice would you give to your younger self looking to get started in the industry?

FAIL. And often! Failure means you're challenging yourself and playing in your upper limits. No shame.

Do you have any links to good articles or videos that you think might give some tips or advice to someone starting in your role?

I write a bunch of articles on marketing and community management:

Victoria Tran

Chris Zukowski is an amazing mind when it comes to learning about marketing too:

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