Samantha Kingston is Founder and Director of virtual reality marketing agency Virtual Umbrella. Samantha has worked behind the scenes on various VR Games and is also an established VR Film Director, creating The Anonymous Project: Giving a voice to a difficult conversation in 2019. We asked Samantha some key questions about getting into the games sector.

Explain your role like I'm 5 years old

I get to play with fun technology and put a piece of plastic on people's faces.

Take us through your average day at work

If I am not out and about seeing clients or demoing VR content, I tend to be at my desk over-seeing everything happening in the business. I keep a tab on my emails during the day. Plan ahead for future work coming into the business and most likely have to do some accounting to keep on top of everything. If I am lucky, depending on the day I get to try out new headsets or new content that we get sent.

What was your educational and career journey into your current role?

I didn't have a traditional career journey into Immersive technology. Before I started the business, I worked in a local community-run theatre. I was headhunted for a role at a games company and I thought it would be worth going for an interview. The company was started to create content for VR & I really was excited about the technology. I got the chance to learn more about the technology and then I decided that I want to work on other areas in the industry, and so I took the leap and started a business.

What do you love most about your role?

I love being able to play with new technology. When I was younger I used to pull computers apart. I really like being able to understand how things work and be the ultimate problem solver when it comes to immersive technology.

What's the hardest thing about your role?

Running a business can be incredibly challenging. Unlike working for someone else, there is a constant worry about keeping the company running. But we try our best and hold on tight.

What key skills should people work on to do your role one day?

To have more confidence in myself and that I do know what I am talking about.

What advice would you give to your younger self looking to get started in the industry?

Being organised is key for my job. An eye for predicting new trends and open to learning new skills when they are offered. Don't think we ever stop learning.