Are you ready for more Kickstart Scheme roles? Well today we have a few roles from Indie Champions who plan recruitment events on behalf of Games Jobs Live.

Just as a reminder, to qualify for the Kickstart Scheme you need to be:

- 16 to 24 years old

- On Universal Credit

- Out of School

If that's all good for you, here are some of the roles live from Rivet Games:

Games Writer

As a games writer, you'll be helping to promote Indie Champion's events and initiatives, gaining an understanding of effective social media techniques. Anyone applying should have some examples of writing work that display your writing level and ability to engage with the reader.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

Web Developer

Indie Champions are looking for a web developer to join their team who will be producing and implementing website and app content from user profiles to game content. They're looking for someone who has some experience with building web content front-end and back-end in the past and a working knowledge of languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and/or Pytho.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

Business Development Associate

As a business development associate, you will be connecting with other games industry companies and organizations and investigate ways to partner with them. Your responsibilities include promoting initiatives and tracking interactions.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

If you'd like to find more roles in the Kickstart Scheme check out our listing on Hitmarker or on Work with Indies.

For more information on the Kickstart Scheme you can check out this guide and email our Careers Lead Sara Machado at