The team at Into Games are excited to be partnering with Women in Games and their sponsor Sledgehammer Games this September for Side Quest!

Side Quest is our monthly game jam community where we feature companion Twitch streams with industry professionals to help you on your game-making journey. This month we are proud to be backed by Women in Games in celebration of their annual Global Conference taking place September 9 – 10.

The team at Women in Games have given the Side Quest community an exciting brief and will be sharing their expertise in live streams during the week at 3 pm (BST). So, ready for the brief?

Motherhood - something seldom explored in mainstream games. What does it mean to be a mother? How do you interpret the role between a mother and child, or perhaps mother earth and nature? You might explore a relationship you’ve had with a maternal figure, or how mothers have a unique power to create life – what might that mean when it comes to game mechanics? Can the player create within your game, or are you guiding them through an emotive narrative? Get your creative juices flowing and be as abstract as you like, we want to see your imagination shine through.

We can't wait to see what you come up with! Sign up for the game jam taking place September 7 - 12 right here.