The Kickstart Scheme is still buzzing with new entry level games industry roles and today we're excited to talk about some of the offerings at Rivet Games.

Famous for Train Simulator and Train Sim World, Rivet Games is looking to fill a variety of remote roles within their team from Junior Scenario Designer to Assistant Producer all through the Kickstart Scheme, so if you qualify, why not apply?

Just as a reminder, to qualify for the Kickstart Scheme you need to be:

- 16 to 24 years old

- On Universal Credit

- Out of School

If that's all good for you, here are some of the roles live from Rivet Games:

Junior Scenario Designer

As a Junior Scenario Designer, your responsibilities would include creating varied immersive gameplay scenarios and conducting gameplay evaluations. An ideal candidate would be someone with experience using Unreal Engine or similar software and an interest in trains or railways.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

Assistant Producer

Assistant producers assist in managing the schedules of team members, as well as tracking and communicating project progress to management. You'll ensure each team member is working from a tracked schedule and have a strong sense of ownership, responsibility and accountability for the quality and timeliness of the work. An ideal candidate has knowledge or experience of using Microsoft Project or similar software.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

Junior Audio Engineer

As a Junior Audio Engineer, you'll be responsible for producing and implementing audio content for train simulation games. For this role, you will need to be able to produce a showreel demonstrating their range of Sound Design skills, as well as your ability to create high quality sound assets from various sources. Bonus to those with experience using Unreal Engine 4, and UE4 Blueprints.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

QA Tester

In the QA Tester role, you will be responsible for testing games to locate and report issues across different hardware platforms; entering clear, concise feedback into the bug database. An ideal candidate would have a game development or related qualification or experience in game development.

To learn more about the role and apply, click here.

If you'd like to find more roles in the Kickstart Scheme check out our listing on Hitmarker or on Work with Indies.

For more information on the Kickstart Scheme you can check out this guide and email our Careers Lead Sara Machado at