We’re hyped to announce that the awesome Anything World are our newest sponsors!

Anything World is a fresh start-up software development company based in London, founded in 2018 by Sebastian Hofer and Gordon Midwood. With Anything World, anyone can create 3D content and eliminate the barriers to 3D creativity.

One of the unique features of Anything World’s tech is the ability to create and control worlds with your voice - talk about playing God! 

Anything World will be joining us in our quest to make the games industry more accessible than ever for those from lower-income backgrounds. They’ll be helping us achieve this by supporting a larger, national, and most importantly free version of our Studio Live program that all UK games colleges and universities can get involved in!

This is what Brandon Cole, Head of Partnerships & Development at Into Games has to passionately say on the announcement:

"We've been amazed by the work that Anything World have done to democratise game-making tools to the masses, and have been blown away by their enthusiasm, energy, and dedication to supporting the next generation of games talent. 

We can't wait to bring them into the fold to support new ways for our community and educational network to develop their own creations, and are so pleased to be able to bring Studio Live to a wider audience of UK colleges and universities through their support!"

What we'll achieve...

We’re excited to announce that Anything World will also be delivering free, interactive sessions on how to use their software for our community

Over the course of this sponsorship with Anything World, we plan to work with their imaginative minds to launch our brand new Twitch show - Make a Game in 60 Minutes! In this show, we’ll be tasking industry professionals to develop a game in one hour based on a pre-chosen brief, while encouraging our audience to join in during the show. Using the platform of Anything World and its voice-controlled features, we’re sure it’ll be an entertaining time!

Anything World will also be involved in our upcoming collaboration with WASD Careers and will be providing career advice and portfolio review sessions during the event, supplying invaluable support to all career seekers who attend. 

Finally, we’ll be working together with Anything World to create some bespoke Studio Live experiences for Games Colleges and Universities involving the Anything World software. 

Studio Live is our program that pairs studios with educational institutions to lead students through a valuable experience, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of how their learned and applied skills are relevant to a real-world studio environment. This is achieved through the creation of an industry-standard brief by the studio involved, which the students will then follow and work together in teams to produce a response within the duration of a week. 

In the case of Anything World, the students will also have access to their software to create their project with!

Gordon Midwood, CEO & Co-Founder of Anything World added this…

‘’We are so excited to be sponsoring Into Games. We believe no one inside or outside of the gaming industry should have to endure discrimination. We believe that the games industry needs a wider representation which is why we applaud the work that Into Games does. The passion they have and the work they do to support and guide young people into the games industry is incredible and we are an extremely proud supporter of them!

Everyone is welcome here! 💚"

We’re very excited about what the future has to hold, and we hope you are too! We’re looking forward to co-developing exciting educational events, programs, and initiatives to make the road into the games industry more inclusive, accessible, and fun! 

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming projects, panels, and more between ourselves and the lovely folk at Anything World.


If your organisation and its staff are passionate about inspiring - and hiring - the next generation of diverse industry talent, and are looking for fun, interactive, and meaningful ways to do that -  reach out to Brandon our Head of Partnerships & Development to find out more.