The Into Games mentorship programme links mentees with a games industry professional with the aim of building up their confidence, skills, and network to eventually better access a career in the games sector. We are immensely proud of the programme and we love hearing from both mentors and mentees about their experience. In this blog series, we aim to highlight some of our favourite stories of mentees going on to get their first games industry job thanks to the guidance they have gained from their mentor.

Mentored by David Price, a Level Designer at nDreams, Georgia has recently secured an exciting internship with a top UK games studio. Both were kind enough to answer some questions about their experience...


What made you apply to the Into Games mentorship programme?

Georgia: As an aspiring game designer who is completely new to the industry, I understood the importance of finding a mentor. After finding the Into Games mentorship programme through social media, I decided to apply because I was intrigued by the fact that they would match me with an industry professional that suited my needs and career interests. Once matched with my mentor, I had the confidence to ask them anything about getting into the gaming industry.

Dave: I think initially I joined because I know how incredibly difficult it is to get into the industry. This is coming from someone who finished university with glowing grades, awards and everything else in between, to then being unemployed for nine months attempting to find a job as a Game Designer. A few years later, I'm working at nDreams as a Level Designer (which is an awesome place to work for btw) teaching people what I've learnt - the hardships, the advantages, the loves and the hates. I wish that something like Into Games had been around to guide me in the right direction, give me some hope and tell me what I should have looked out for.

How did you work with your mentor/mentee and what was the experience like?

Georgia: We would regularly contact each other through the Slack app, where we were to have one on one discussions and he was able to share links, resources, and valuable advice with me. He was always quick to answer any queries I had. It was very encouraging to have someone to turn to if I struggled with anything. My mentor, Dave was very friendly, motivating, and full of useful information and tips. He encouraged me to start using Unreal Engine 4, which I believe contributed largely towards my success. He always pointed me in the right direction when I encountered issues whilst I learnt the engine. Furthermore, he assisted me with interview preparation, providing topics that I could discuss as an individual with no professional experience. Every now and then, I would have doubts about my decision to change careers, so having an enthusiastic mentor as support gave me a lot of confidence to keep going and not give up.   

Dave: In these crazy covid times, I communicated over Slack for the majority of our time. Georgia would ask me questions and I would attempt to help the best that I could. The experience was really good! Georgia got to learn some of my knowledge from the industry and it helped her get in the right direction. (Well, I'd like to think it did, I think it was mostly her really!)

Would you recommend the Into Games mentorship programme?

Georgia: Opportunities like this are hard to come by, so I would strongly recommend this mentorship programme to anyone.

Dave: Absolutely. There are people doing the mentoring that even have more experience than me in all different walks of life. They'll be all willing and able to help.

What kind of person do you think our programme would suit?

Georgia: This mentorship would suit anyone determined and ready to break the gaming industry from all walks of life. It would suit anyone who needs help and guidance on where to start and what skills to learn to make themselves as desirable candidates. I also think it would suit anyone who needs assistance with preparing for interviews or job applications. 

Dave: Someone hungry to learn, change, listen and become better. If you have the drive, a mentor will help you the best they can.


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