Esports Events Manager

Esports Event Managers are responsible for ensuring a particular tournament or esports event is a success. Esport events are at the heart of this booming industry, bringing professional players together in live matches, battling for success and potential stardom. Turn your passion for the sport into a high-flying career with this fast-paced but rewarding profession.

As Events Manager, you’ll have a team that will look to you for solutions in moments of crisis. The ability to stay calm and make quick and good decisions under pressure is key to ensure events are enjoyable for both fans and your players.

Planning and negotiation will also be an important part of the job. From gaining venues to securing sponsorship, you will need to master multitasking and prove excellent people skills to bring all the needed elements together seamlessly.

You’ll love this role if you’re into:
  • Being Organised
  • Writing
  • Helping People
  • Designing things
  • Social Media

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Not all, but some people working as an Esports Event Manager have a degree in Marketing and Communications, Events or Business. Above all, you should be someone that possesses understanding and passion for the sport and exceptional communication skills.

As a professional, you’ll be bringing the sport to life by managing live events. You might also be responsible for online views, physical tickets and gaining a positive reception for the event. This is a dynamic and multi-faceted role so building up work experience is key to gaining success in this field. 

Working in the games industry is highly competitive and you’ll need to make sure your portfolio (a collection of your best work) and or CV stands out to employers and course leaders.

As an Esports Event Manager, your work should present events you have managed, demonstrating strategic planning and organisational skills. For more general ideas on developing your portfolio, see our top tips page.

Whatever role you are working in, it is essential that you understand the game making process. You can head to our build a game section for first steps; join a regular game jam to build up your skills & network; or start modding others games to gain experience.  

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