Voiceover Artist

More than ever, video games are being created around big story arcs, offering an array of complex characters. From gruff warrior overlords to pragmatic princesses nearly all modern games contain an element of voiceover work.

Voiceover Artists are the people that provide the voices within the game, helping to immerse the player deeper into the world their experiencing. Voiceover work can be simply narration to help direct the moves of the player or dynamic dialogue between characters to drive the plot forward.

Some professionals that do voiceover work also do performance capture and work under the title of Games Performer or Games Actor. Either way, Voiceover Artists need to demonstrate passion, versatility and a wide spectrum of acting skills.

Also referred to as:

Voice Actor

You’ll love this role if you’re into:
  • Telling Stories
  • Performing

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Many Character Artists have a degree, which provides professional development and a recognised qualification to employers. However, there are many available pathways and all people working in games claim a unique career journey. Above all, you will need to demonstrate passion and skills in your chosen field. For this job role, you should be someone who is passionate about games, can take direction and loves to entertain.

As a professional, you’ll be adding your voice to the narration and characters within the game. Most Voiceover Artists work freelance so developing an industry network and promoting yourself will be important in this career. You may also need access to audio technology and understand how to use recording and editing software such as Wavepad and Audacity. 

Working in the games industry is highly competitive and you’ll need to make sure your portfolio (a collection of your best work) stands out to employers and course leaders.

As a Voiceover Artist, your body of work should showcase your versatility. You should include a wide range of characters and showcase your ability to adapt, act and entertain. For more general ideas on developing your portfolio, see our top tips page.

Whatever role you are working in, it is essential that you understand the game making process. You can head to our build a game section for first steps; join a regular game jam to build up your skills and network; or start modding others games to gain experience. 

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I love bringing the characters to life and acting out their stories
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Voiceover Artist

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