Player Support Agent

Successful game studios rely on returning players to grow their brand and fanbase. Excellent player support can help this relationship blossom and be an important part of the overall gaming experience.

Player Support Agents offer a friendly human touch and provide answers to game players in a responsive manner. Being able to listen and gather useful feedback for the business is another important element of the role.

A passion for games will give you the needed empathy and the gaming language to build instant rapport with players and take this job to the next level.

You’ll love this role if you’re into:
  • Being Organised
  • Writing
  • Helping People

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Some Player Support Agents have a degree, which provides professional development and a recognised qualification to employers. However, there are many available pathways and all people working in games claim a unique career journey. Above all, you will need to demonstrate passion and skills in your chosen field. For this job role, you should be a great listener and enjoys creative problem-solving.

As a professional, you’ll be providing customer care to players by providing quick responses to players with technical and gameplay issues submitted via the game, phone, email and on social media. You’ll have a wide knowledge of social media channels and have experience of Customer Support ticketing tools, for example, Salesforce.

Working in the games industry is highly competitive and you’ll need to make sure your CV stands out to employers and course leaders. 

As a Player Support Agent, you will need to showcase experience in social media, marketing and customer support. Remember to include examples of your best work and expand on any transferable skills. For more ideas, see our top tips page on building your portfolio.

Whatever role you are working in, it is essential that you understand the game making process. You can head to our build a game section for first steps; join a regular game jam to build up your skills and network; or start modding others games to gain experience. 

Education pathways

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My favourite part of the job is helping people and making someone's day
Nat Kilpatrick - Player Support Agent, Adopt Me!Read the full story
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